Actually Collecting an Army

It has been, well, a very long time since I put the time in on collecting an actual army, despite what the blog's title says.  But with Kings of War, I'm ready to give it another shot.

I am going to stand on the shoulders of giants, or in this case dwarfs, though, because I'm going to use the old WHFB dwarf army I had been working on previously as the core of the new army.  My goal is to put together 1500 points by the time I'm through.

Here's the tentative layout

2 Regiments of Ironclad (220 pts)
1 Regiment of Ironguard (160 pts)
1 Troop of Berzerkers (125 pts)
1 Troop Ironwatch Crossbows (100 pts)
1 Troop Ironwatch Rifles (115 pts)
1 Troop Rangers (135 pts)
1 Troop Shieldbreakers (90 pts)
Ironbelcher Cannon (110 pts)
Dwarf King (120 pts)
Steel Behemoth (250 pts)

Total: 1425 pts, leaving me 75 points for odds and ends.  Total miniatures: 116

Now I can already tell you that some of these units are already painted up (e.g. the Rifles, the Rangers, the Ironbelcher, the Shieldbreakers).  Others have at least a good chunk already painted (the Ironclad, the Crossbows).  I'm a purist, if a rare partaker, which means I want a fully painted army where every figure is represented.

So next up, an accounting of what I already have, just to see how much of a head start I have.


  1. It's good to have a plan to focus on. Looking forward to seeing this come together!


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