Battle for Vedros Space Marines finished

I managed to get the last two figures from the Battle for Vedros set of Space Marines painted up in the colors of the Brazen Claws.  The first is the real oddball of the group, the terminator sergeant. (Click on the pics to enlarge)

Seriously, outside of this warband, what am I supposed to do with this guy, given I already have a sergeant for my termies already?  Maybe he could be a HQ in terminator armor in a pinch.  Speaking of HQ's, here's the captain looking very spiffy.

I'm really pleased with how he turned out. I had to come up with something to do with his banner, so I decided I'd incorporate the red claw symbol of the Brazen Claws into a big red bird on the banner.

And here is the whole group.  I was comparing them some of my older figures and I like how my painting has improved.  Plus with the three points for the last two figures (large infantry count as two), I'm at 80, which beats my 2014 total.  As I mentioned early, the total from 2013 is a long way off (check the sidebar), but I have a few more months to go.  Even so, I'm pretty pleased to have gotten more into the grove with painting figures again.

Thanks for following me on this project.  It's nice to get something completed, even a small group like this, and I appreciate your readership.  Comments welcome!