Ghar Battle Squad

I bought the box set of Warlord Games' sci-fi wargame Beyond the Gates of Antares a while back, where it sat for along time untouched.  But this week I've having a bit of a "stay-cation" so I thought I would get some painting done.  Rather than buy new miniatures, I figured I would give BtGoA a try.

These figures were fairly easy to assemble, except the legs.  It's worth letting each part try before attaching the next, and the small, pincer-like legs don't have enough surface area to glue easily to the flimsy plastic bases and popped off even after gentle handling.  I had to really glom the glue on the bases to get the figures to stick.

After that though, they were pretty easy and fun to paint, with a nice bit of detail but not too much, if you know what I mean.  They work well with a black ink wash when you're done.

So, first unit of Ghar done, and as large infantry count as two points apiece.