Games Workshop comes to town

I suppose it is surprising that Games Workshop never bothered to open a store in my hometown, but with the dedicating gaming store having gone out of business last year, and one of the comic book/gaming stores closing this year, I guess they saw a void that could be filled.  So the new store opened last week, and I visited it for the first time yesterday.

In so many ways the experience was typical of what you hear about on the internet.  I was immediately approached by a friendly store manager who asked a series of questions: am I familiar with Games Workshop, what games do I play, what armies do I play, have I seen the new stuff, etc.  Thankfully he was a charming enough guy to not appear to be too pushy, especially given my expectations. 

It's been a while since I've been in a GW store, and I noticed that they are more organized now for the newcomer than they used to be with large signs saying "Start Here" and "What's Next."  There's also the obvious paucity of non-GW stuff.  I keep expecting to see scratchbuilt terrain on tables, but there is no way that is going to happen.

Years and years ago when I first came here to Kansas I got back into GW in a big way because that was the game being played at the FLGS.  From that came the pretty sizable Brazen Claws Space Marine army I put together and highlighted on this blog.

On a sale day at a different gaming store I picked up the "Know No Fear" starter set for the most recent edition of Warhammer 40K, a pretty solid deal in terms of miniatures and a mini-version of the new rules.

The store isn't super excited about people bringing in miniatures bought from other places (although I'm not sure how they would know), and thusly are hosting two "escalation leagues" for Age of Sigmar and 40K.  So I could, if I wanted to participate, begin a new SM army, a Nurgle SM army, or opt for something completely different.

So once again the question becomes "do I want to play regularly, and commit to spending a bit of cash and time to do it, or do I want to play something out of my house, perhaps irregularly, but with stuff I already have?"


  1. If that's their attitude, just play there enough to make friends and then start inviting them to your place and introduce them to other things.


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