The Dirty Two Dozen

If there is one thing that gaming stores have over internet stores (aside from Unwashed Boy Funk) it is the miniature junk bin. I personally love these because I'm notoriously frugal and I love the thrill of finding something that someone thought was worthless and really finding value in it.
On a recent trip I discovered a plastic bin full of pretty crummy miniatures, all loose and in various states of paint. Each miniature cost twenty-five cents.
Amidst the odd and oft pitted miniatures I spotted several figures from the old Warzone wargame. After picking them all out, there were 23 of them. I tossed in an interesting looking ghoul that I might paint up for my D&D game and bought the lot for $6.00.

My plan is to paint up the lot not as members of all the different factions but as a single unit. My vision is this group of hard-care survivors in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. But first, I need to finish some Numidians...