Looking ahead to April

It's a slow day and I'm twiddling my thumbs, so I thought I'd share some of my thoughts about what to work on next.
I'm a adherent to the notion that it is okay to hop from project to project if that is what it takes to keep you painting and not falling into a TV-watching rut or whatnot, but I do like it when I hit a benchmark like finishing 28 Numidians or a sizable unit. So let's see where I am in terms of the worktable.
I should be posting today (or tomorrow at the latest) five Chaos Marauders that I painted and dipped over the weekend. My plan is to paint another five by the end of the week, and that unit will be done. That really finishes up most of the halfway-painted units that I have, which means I can have a fresh start on something. The candidates:
  1. Another 28-figure pack of Numidians
  2. A set of plastic Mordor Orcs from the Return of the King boxed set
  3. A very large pile of unpainted Chaos Space Marines
I'm very tempted to sell #2 rather than paint them. They are still on the sprue and I don't ever see myself playing a game of LotR. The only reason why I held onto them was the possibility of using them in a Hordes of the Things or Hostile Realms army, but buying more LotR-scale minis to flesh out the army would deeply offend my frugal sensibilities.
What I've considered doing is hopping back and forth between #1 and #3, painting one batch and then the other. I've told myself at the beginning of the year that I wouldn't invest in any additional minis until the Numidians are completed (aside from the odd junk-bin purchase, of course) so that's my incentive to knock those guys out.