Back in the saddle again

If there's one truism in the hobby of miniature painting, it is that the one way to keep painting miniatures is to keep painting miniatures.  That may sound tautological, but when I decided to stop indulging in my painting funk I just sat down and started clipping and scraping and gluing and priming.  And now I'm back up to speed with a good head of steam and eight Numidian archers on the painting table.  My goal: finish the pack of 28 by the end of the month.  Might be a bit too much, but I'm hoping.

I'm also still on track with my diet.  For my two week reward I went a little big and bought two molds, the ones that  now are making up the backbone of my new modular dungeon.  I was thinking about what to get for my one month reward when Wargames Factory announced they were finally releasing their Imperial Guard greatcoats--I mean "Shock Troopers."  DINGDINGDING!  We have a winner.  I've been admiring Colonel Corbane's IG army for a while and have been considering my own, and these guys fit the bill nicely.  They're doing a nice pre-order sale and hopefully they will be in just around the time that I'm done with my Numidians.