Beating up Noobs (Warhammer After Action Report)

I took out my Numidians for their first battle last Sunday as part of a Warhammer Empire army.  Lacking the required 1999 points (yes, we're playing 1999 points, just because) I had to use traditional Empire troops as well but downplayed the black powder.  I took no handgunners, cannons, or the steamtank ("stank") but did take a single mortar.

I thought I'd be facing my arch-nemesis Vince and his dwarfs (arguably the army he is most effective using) so I went with a pretty Core-heavy army of spearmen, swordsmen (Numidian), and halberdiers (need that S4) each with free company detatchments.  Backing them up were two units of archers (Numidian) and hunters (Numidian) and two small units of knights.  Leading the army were two Captains (a general and a BSB) and a Battle Wizard (lore of Metal).  My plan?  Harass the dwarves with archers between 18" and 24" away until I could move up the big infantry blocks and negate rank bonuses with detatchments (to counteract my inability to wound T4 opponents with S3 attacks).

When I got to the fire station, I was informed that I would be playing Eric, a new guy, in his first battle ever.  Eric was playing a Tomb King army list made by Vince and intended to be a pretty basic list: Skellie Spearmen, chariots, light cavalry, the TK-version-of-Grave-Guard, and a Bone Giant?  No skellie archers?  No swarms?  No flyers?

After switching my Battle Wizard to lore of Light the battle was pretty one-sided.  Eric got a little traction when his chariots plowed through one unit of knights on the flank and started moving sideways through my army, but the chariots stalled out on my unit of halberdiers after having been thinned by the Battle Wizard (who was worth his weight in gold).  On the other side his bone giant punked out against the other unit of knights and was locked up the rest of the battle.  From there, it was the slow, steady dissection of his army as I used the exact same methodology I was planning to use on the dwarfs, only this time I had S3 or S4 vs. T3, which without their rank bonuses put me on top.  On the last turn my Captain and his Tomb Prince went mano-a-mano, which is something that should happen in all WHFB battles, and after killing the prince my captain was slain by the Curse, making for a appropriately heroic end to the battle.

Vince and I usually try to give the new players a break (Vince actually throws battles sometimes) and I didn't bother doing anything tricky or underhanded, etc.  I just played a pretty straightforward and easily discernible strategy that just happened to work.  Soundly.

Final note--I'm proud of my Numidians.  I continue to believe that painted armies fight better because they appreciate all the hard work you put into them.  Thanks for reading.