The Big Goose Egg

I promised myself (and you) that I would keep track of my monthly miniature painting total.  Well for June, that number is zero.

I've got good reasons, not the least of which is being out of the state for two weeks.  I also had an annual review at work to prepare for.  On the "I did do something fun, hobby-wise" front, I got in one game (resulting in a horrible loss) and some modular dungeon terrain built.

I made a bit of a mis-step in trying to get my miniatures-painting mojo flowing again by busting out these zombie miniatures by Wargames Factory that I've had forever sitting around.  After a few hours of painting them, I remembered why.  The detail is very crude, and WF has distinctly shown improvement since these figures.  But they are disheartening, and I have actually considered just pitching them.

In my off-hours and long travel times I have been considered the "Desert Island" question, considering and dismissing games that would qualify as "Desert Island" material.  Most skirmish games have been dismissed, for example, because I want to be able to have a healthy amount of miniatures to paint.  Almost paradoxically most "epic" games requiring 8' by 12' tables are out because of space requirements.  Somewhere in there is the sweet spot, probably about 4' by 6' or 8'.

I also really want a game that plays well as a solo game.  That is leaning me more towards the card-driven games like Piquet or any of the Two Hour Wargames products.  More as this progresses, not the least of which will be the final word on the new job in a couple of weeks.