The Desert Island

I haven't talked about this much, mostly because up to date I haven't really been able to for professional reasons, but I feel like I can say now that there is a good chance I will be moving sometime this summer.  Let's call it 50/50.  It is a good job with a new company, a big step up both in responsibility and salary, but it is also about three states and one time zone from where I am now.

Because I own my house, in all likelihood, should I get the new position, I will be living in a small rental unit in the new city while my wife stays back in our old home.  This situation may stretch on for months.
Not to bore you with details of my private life (we haven't even gotten around to discussing the children, who will probably move into the rental unit in the new city when school starts) but I wanted to set the scene for what it playing out in my head hobby-wise these days.

The new city might have a gaming store.  Over the past week or so the store's website has gone down, which isn't a good sign.  The next closest store is about 45 miles away.  Without the kids it might be doable to go down for a game, but after school starts and I'm a quasi-single parent, I think that's a wash.

So, given the following factors (small apartment or home, limited time, no gaming stores) I'm thinking about what I can do in terms of wargaming.  I've been calling this "The Desert Island" because it feels like Phil Olley's old mental exercise of asking himself "if you were on a desert island, what one game would you bring with you?"  (Someone once wrote "naval wargaming, 1:1 scale.")

What have I been thinking about?  Solo wargaming, for one.  I brought Featherstone's Solo Wargaming, joined the Yahoo Group, and peruse the TMP Solo Wargaming boards.  I fulfill two of Featherstone's recommended characteristics for a solo wargamer: a lack of an opponent and a paucity of time.

I have also considered engaging my son in wargaming.  He's ten years old, but has an active interest in my miniatures and in fact often raids the "it doesn't matter too much what happens to them" miniatures to play a home-made miniatures game called "Capture the Flag" with friends.  The Percy Jackson series has done much to pique his interest in classical mythology and battles.

The other thing that I have been considering is switching to smaller scales.  99% of what I own is 28mm.  However if I'm gaming by myself in a two-bedroom rental unit, maybe even an apartment, then even fielding a 4' by 4' table might be excessive.  It makes more sense for me to consider going with 20mm or smaller and using a 3' by 4' or 3' square table.  Part of the interest I have in it (rather than doing some 28mm skirmish game) is that I could explore terrain building at a smaller scale, etc.  And if I'm paying for two homes, the savings in the smaller scale ranges are attractive.  I'm aware that I could save loads of money by not buying new miniatures, but don't trouble me with details.

So, you may see some changes here in terms of what gets seen.  Stay tuned.