AAR Empire vs. Dwarfs vs. Tomb Kings (WHFB)

After last Sunday's embarrassing defeat at the tiny hands of Vince's dwarfs, I wanted revenge.  I knew I would be facing Vince and possibly a new guy, Eric, who played Tomb Kings, so I tooled up as best I could to face two somewhat different armies.

The way to win three-way battles is to huddle back and let the other two tie each other up.  I also knew that neither the Tomb Kings or the Dwarfs had much in the long-range department, so I went with this army list:
Captain (General)
Captain (BSB)
lvl 2 Battle Wizard (Metal)
3 Units of 20 Halberdiers, with Archer Detachments
2 Units of Knights
1 Unit of Outriders
1 Units of Huntsmen
2 Units of Crossbowmen
Empire Rocket

As it turns out, both Eric and Vince brought lobbers, a Screaming Skull Catapult and a Grudge Thrower.  But  Eric sent Carrion flyers after the Grudge Thrower (which was put too far back anyways) and managed to run off the crew.  In turn, he could not hit anything with his Screaming Skull Catapult, being unused to estimating distances.

I, however, can use a mortar like a sniper rifle, and proceeding to (with the occasional aid of the Engineer) launch salvos into big blocks of dwarf and undead units.  As I had hoped, Vince and Eric locked into each other pretty soundly, while I just held back and poured missile fire into any unit out of combat.  By turn six, most of my army was intact, while they had barely 1500 pts. between the two of them.

At the end, in a spirit of good sportsmanship, Vince and I agreed to let his Thane general and his bodyguard unit roll up on my general's unit while the two heroes squared off for a challenge.  The thane ended up only hitting once and whiffing the to-wound roll, while my general hit and wounded all three of his.  It was icing on a very, very sweet cake.