A Departing Ship

First, welcome Gyro to the site.  Hope you enjoy visiting here.

Second, I'm not posting a new item, but rather one I made almost five years ago.  It was a ship made for my Vampire Counts army back when The General's Compendium had come out.  It was a favorite supplement, and we were doing naval battles.

It was a real joy to build, something different from my typical terrain.  But like many of the things I've made over the past few years, I'm giving it away.  The ship is going to a good friend who really loves pirates.  It is one of the cool things about the move--being able to give stuff that has just been gathering dust on my shelves to people who will really enjoy them.

The other cool thing is thinking about what to do next, and what to do over.  I've thought about building another ship when I get to my new home.  Or doing more sci-fi terrain.  Or new Mordheim stuff.  I still wish I knew what it would be.  There was a post on the TMP Solo Wargaming boards about a guy who had stopped having fun with his hobby as he neared retirement age.  He realized that he had not participated in the years-long epic RPG campaign he had dreamed of, that he had not built the huge, impressive armies that he had seen in wargaming magazines.

Neither have I, although I have gamed with a great gaming group playing a variety of games over the past few years.  And I've played unpainted or poorly painted armies down at the fire stations for six years.  In short, I've had fun without creating the magnum opus that seems to define success in the hobby.  And I may not.  I may go and build odd bits of terrain and paint whatever strikes my fancy.  I just realized reading that guy's message that I didn't want to be looking back twenty years from now and thinking I'd wasted my time.