A Foam Tray Dilemma

First, welcome to my latest follower, Naloomi, who I actually know in real life and is the proprietor of Naloomi's Workshop, a place to buy casts from Hirst Arts molds.

Last weekend I decided to spend my two days off out of town, leaving my current home to go visit the city where I used to live.  It is about an hour and a half away, but once I head to my new job it will be unlikely I will return any time soon.

I went to the gaming store that I used to attend practically every week on my way home from work or school.  I never gamed there, but I frequently bought miniatures or rulebooks or just hung out.  That day I just sat for a while talking to the owner, whom I've known for the better part of a decade.  We talked about cats (there's always one in the store), the success of Pathfinder (which is apparently outselling D&D right now) and about how I was moving away.

I bought a Sabol Army Transport.  I have wanted a good, flexible transport for miniatures.  It sort of fits into my "Desert Island" plan.
I have been wrestling with a conundrum.  One of my major armies is dwarfs, which are pretty small.  Do I pluck out small cubbies and house a greater number of minis per tray, or more "normal" sized ones so I can use the trays with other miniatures?  Thoughts welcome.


  1. You want an opinion? I would say, pluck the tray to fit your army. A couple of reasons:

    i) Small holes will protect small miniatures better, and that's the whole point of the foam in the first place.

    ii) You're not going to take them all out individually to put another army in, anyway, so why have big holes for small miniatures?

    iii) The real expense is usually the case, not the foam. Buy spare trays for your other armies; store them in the cupboard in their trays, and swap them into the case when you take them to the club.

    Keep up the posting, I enjoy your blog.

  2. I would recommend the extra tray route, myself. If your primary army is really your regular, there will be less reason to switch out for others. In the rare instance that you do, you'll be happy to not have to switch out model per model.

    Sad to see you go; you don't happen to have any spare Land Raiders hanging around, do you? *laugh*

    And just when I was considering looking into Fantasy, what with the new rules and all...

  3. No, but I do have a pred tank painted a hideous shade of yellow from an ill-advised "Imperial Fists" era....

  4. Ugh. Yellow is such a rough color to do correctly... Still, if you have anything you still need shifted off, I'm sure I can find room for it over this way. *laugh*


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