The Journey Towards the Desert Island

Well, it's official: I have a new job.  And with the new job, a move to a new home.  And with the move, the suspension of most of my gaming activities for a while.

I've already begun to prepare.  I gave most of my homemade terrain to my arch-rival, Vince, to use with his gaming group.  Homemade terrain is often heavy, fragile, and really isn't very valuable in terms of raw materials.  I figured the hassle of moving it wasn't worth it.  Besides, once I get into my new place, I can build new terrain, better than before.

I also began giving away books, mostly RPG's that never saw the light of day.  I use to be pretty compulsive about buying RPG rulesets.  If I had a bad day at work, I'd buy myself a book, especially from a used book store.  Some of them were pretty terrible (Hong Kong Action Theatre), which others were better in theory than practice (Feng Shui), while others just never got to a table.  And never will.

So, with my local public library starting up a RPG club, I thought I'd give them some of my collection, stuff that has been up in the attic for years.  It's curiously refreshing, really, although sad as well.  "I feel like I've lost something, like Montgomery losing his Rommel," said Vince.

"Wait, are you saying I'm a Nazi?" I asked.

"If you want, you can think I was saying that you are Montgomery," he said with a shrug.