Mantic Ghouls

First, welcome to fuchs.39, my latest follower to this blog.  Good to have you here.

Second, my apologies for those who came here yesterday.  I was goofing a little bit with the layout and had some things go sideways, but it is all back up to speed.

And third and finally, some painted miniatures!  These are a pair of ghouls I received for free from Mantic Games.  They have great detail and painted up easily.  While they are listed as ghouls (and will fight as such in my Vampire Counts army) they could just as easily work as cultists or Chaos Brethren or wasteland mutants.  While they only come with two bodies and two heads, there are lots of optional bits including a variety of gruesome weapons.

More figures on the worktable!  The painting mojo has returned!