Painting the Lead Pile Part One: Orcs

My stuff finally arrived on the moving truck, which included my lead (and plastic) pile of miniatures that I want to start painting down.  I thought the easiest way to at least start would be to focus on one area and then get it down before moving on.  The most obvious place to start is my orcs.
Most of my orcs came from a huge mass purchase when a gaming store in western Ohio shut down and offered everything at a discount.  A few others came from a trade with a friend (my arch-rival and oft-missed friend Vince).  Here's a picture of the pile (apologies for the poor quality).
More waah than Waagh
As you can see, there are miniatures that are finished (far left), miniatures that are mostly painted (top), miniatures that are primed (middle), and miniatures that are unprimed and still on sprues (center and bottom right).  I'm not going to count the ones that are painted towards my painting pile goal of 360 miniatures, but I do plan to score some "cheap painting points" by touching up the mostly painted ones.  In my mind, it's not done until it is matte sealed and flocked.  That will hopefully get me enough momentum to get me through the whole lot.