Mordor Orcs looking for a new home

First of all, welcome to my newest blog follower, the Angry Lurker.  I hope that this blog makes you neither angry or just a lurker.

A while back I mentioned that I wanted to get my lead pile down a bit.  One way is to obviously paint miniatures that I already own.  But the second is to get rid of miniatures I am never going to use.  I got rid of many of them when I moved, but some came with me that I still don't need.

One of these items came from a Return  of the King boxed set.  By now the rules have changed, twice I think, and I just don't see myself sinking the money and time into this game.  I did manage to paint half the Gondor soldiers a while back, but I held onto the orcs under the concept of doing a Hordes of the Things army.  Well, I have to honestly think that isn't going to happen either, so they are going onto eBay.  You can find the listing here.
Mordor Orcs looking for a good home.  To pillage.

This isn't my favorite way to get the pile down, but it is a reasonable way to get rid of stuff that will never see a table.