A Sorcerer and a Hundred Bases

Inspired by Leutenant Brittan on his Leviathan blog, I broke out my own human sorcerer from the Thalos faction.  For those who don't know, WotC did a miniatures game called Chainmail back in 2002 before they got into the pre-painted plastics business.  There were several factions, Thalos being a human and gnome nation.
Human Sorcerer, Wizards of the Coast
Instead of my "speed painting" technique of base coat and dipping, I painted him in a more traditional manner, with layers, et al.  I used some of the new Vallejo paints I bought for my birthday, instead of the super-cheap craft paints I use for a lot of rank-of-file troops like the orcs I've been painting off the Lead Pile.
I also purchased one hundred 20mm square bases.  Last year around this time I bought about 75 Numidians from Wargames Factory and painted them as part of my plan of painting 100 miniatures in a single year.  I made that goal within the first few months and coasted for the remainder of the year.  But painting those guys was one of my biggest accomplishments hobby-wise I have ever done, and gave me a big thrill.
Now, as 2011 approaches I am considering doing another 100 miniature project.  Painting down the Lead Pile is a nice thing to work on while I have nothing better to do, but I'd like to actually have a goal beyond just moving things from unpainted to painted.
What that project is, I do not know.  I thought about another ancient army like Romans or Germans, or perhaps some Saxons to go with the Vikings I did a while back.  I've got a month to decide.
In other news, it is the end of November.  It was a good month for me: I got back on the painting wagon and got more painted in a month than I have since March.  I know that December is going to be a lean month, so I feel like I am finishing pretty strong.


  1. I do not see to many chainmail models anymore. Some of the scupts were excellent and I have about 120 guys from the series.


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