Bugbear Warrior

First, welcome to Joao Mota, the latest follower.  I am always humbled when people feel inclined to follow this blog, and appreciate the support.
Still working my way through WotC's Chainmail miniatures.  This one is a Bugbear Warrior.
Bugbear Warrior, Wizards of the Coast
There's one odd thing about this mini (which was a delight to paint up, by the way).  Look at the right arm.  There is only one way it attaches to the torso--both the arm and the torso have a flat surface that glues together.  But when it is glued on, the fully extended mace stretches lower than the miniature's base!  There's really no way to fix it except for replacing the hand.  
When I wondered about how a company could do it, I looked at the photo on the packaging.  It too has the miniature up on a little ledge, with the mace hanging over!  Oh well, it isn't too bad, and like a said is a fine looking miniature.
Next up, some Chainmail dwarfs.