A Hammerer and a Glaiver

Last post I showed off my Thalos sorcerer, which comes from a box set from the game Chainmail.  I have finished the other two figures, a Hammerer and a human Glaiver (which I guess is what you call someone who wields a glaive).
Hammerer and Glaiver, Wizards of the Coast
I would have finished these guys yesterday, but Topheavy McClankalot on the left there kept falling over and his arms would become unglued.  This a problem with "ball and socket" joints: if the ball is smaller than the socket, then the surface area between the ball and socket is very, very small.  Ultimately I had to pin both arms.  The nice thing about the Hammerer is that he could easily double as a mad scientist's robot in some pulp game or something.