The Holiday Year End Wrap-Up

There's little chance I am going to get anything hobby-related done this week, with family visiting and general holiday merriment, so I thought I would combine Christmas and New Year's greetings into one post.
First of all, if you are not aware of The St. Nicholas Center, you should give it a look. It's a great site for kids who may be a little curious about the historical figure and the legends surrounding him.
Second, there's a lot of great charities out there this holiday season.  One that Mrs. WQ really likes is SmileTrain, which does surgery to correct cleft palates in third world countries.  It's financials are very transparent, which is a nice quality in some of these "adopt a kid" outfits out there.

Okay, the hobby stuff.  At the end of 2009 I made a resolution to paint 100 miniatures.  I buried that number halfway through the year, racking up 165 miniatures for 2010.  Most of it was at the beginning of the year when my family's schedule afforded me a lot of time in the evening to myself.  Over the summer I stopped painting miniatures all together because I took a long vacation and also began packing up my house in anticipation of a job move to Kansas.  Once I got here and got the house semi-situated, I was able to pick it back up.

My other 2010 resolution regarded my weight, and the habits that affected it.  Once I moved, this resolution kind of lost its impetus.  My new office doesn't quite have the "foodie" culture that my old one did.  It doesn't even have a kitchen.  So there are no boxes of donuts or pies sitting in refrigerators to constantly tempt me throughout the day.  I also realized how much I ate when I am bored or stressed, and am now less bored and less stressed in life.  I went from a 36-38 pant size to a 34, which is in the right direction.  I also joined a churchmen's exercise group, although I have let that drop over the last few weeks because they meet very early in the morning, and my wife has been having trouble sleeping.  I joined an aquatic center in town in hopes of swimming through the winter months.

I played a lot of wargames, and played even more RPG's. I've got a bi-weekly RPG game that I have just started here at the FLGS which hopefully will hit its stride soon.  I've connected by email with a historical wargaming group that meets pretty sporadically, but maybe something will develop there.

So what are the 2011 resolutions?  I'm going a little light on them this year, but here goes:

Paint an American War of Independence mini-army Four units, 48 miniatures.  Organized per Age of Reason.  That will give me something to play when the historical group gets together.

Paint another 102 miniatures  Whether it is just from the Lead Pile, or another AWI mini army, it doesn't matter.  One hundred miniatures was a good goal for the year.  150 will feel like I have really got the rhythm down, and I manage to do it this year despite moving and taking almost three months off.

Continue an exercise program  I wouldn't mind having my 34 pants go from being my "snug" pants to my "relaxed fit" pants.

Get a regular game going  I've been teaching my son Warhammer.  I've got this historical group that seems to gather roughly quarterly.  There's a Necromunda campaign maybe going on the next big town over. Somewhere, somehow, I am going to get to a gaming table.

Well, that's it.  2011 should be redcoats and rayguns, and who knows what else.  Thanks for stopping by and being my blog of hobby accountability.  I hope you continue to find it inspiring.


  1. Good resolutions all, here's to a fruitful 2011!

  2. Good luck with the AWI army. I do my AWI in 15mm but have just got some RSM SYW Austrians for an Imagi-Nation game. You might want to look at the upcoming Minden AWI range. VERY nice figures which I shall be acquiring some of!

    All the best and good luck with the resolutions. I failed with most of my 2010 ones! :)



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