Monday, May 31, 2010

More modular dungeon rooms

I'm making slow progress on this project, but here are two more rooms for my modular dungeon.  With graduations and other stuff going on, I haven't had the time to put into the hobby that I have had in earlier months.  Hopefully I'll get at least another room or two finished shortly.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why I don't play WAB

Someone asked me on TMP if I'd use my Numidians to play Warhammer Ancient Battles and I said no because of a lack of opponents. I'll put the long answer here.

I live in a small town where the local gaming store is a forty-five minute drive away. One night a week I make the drive to that store for a quick three-hour RPG session that I run to scratch that itch, but I can't imagine going a second night to do wargaming. I have a wargaming group here, in my own town, that years before I came along decided to play Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Now at this point I'll share three of the biggest blessings in my life. The first is my children which are completely extraneous to this story except that my son is apparently inviting his own miniatures game in the basement using my DDM figs and some cardstock terrain. But the other two are my very loving wife and a job that pays me a handsome salary. Between those two I can pick up generally any wargame out there without expecting much in the way of obstacles except my own time and interest.

And of course, opponents. Every time I've suggested playing something other than WHFB, the response from my gaming club is the same: we invested money in WHFB, and trying to play something different would cause problems at home or at the bank. And I'm not knocking them. I know some might criticize them for being "whipped" or something similar (ever notice those comments are only made by single people?) but I think they are just being reasonable. They know their lives, their marriages, and their fortunes, and playing WAB or WarMachine or Victory Without Quarter or whatever just isn't in the cards.

Sometime I'll give the RPG at the gaming store a rest and try to find an opponent through the HMGS or something. I've actually considered solo wargaming recently as another venue. But for now, my Numidians will be transported to the fantastic world of the Empire, suddenly get magical assistance, and battle all sorts of inhuman adversaries much more terrifying than the Romans or their rivals ever were.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Small Sci-fi Terrain piece

I've had this guy (and four exactly like it) on my worktable since May of last year.  I decided to do a not-so-complicated paint job on it and get it off the worktable.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Numidian Army Finished

My Numidian army is finally finished, although by "finished" I mean "painted all the Numidian miniatures I have."  Two sets of the Wargames Factory plastic Numidian Light Infantry went into this.  There are eighteen swordsmen, eighteen javelin throwers, ten archers and ten slingers.

For now, this project is finished and I can move onto something else.  At least until my Wargames Factory Shock Troopers show up (it is May, after all...)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Painting Goal for 2010 accomplished (in May)

I considered briefly having one post to cover two milestones, but I thought I'd break them up so each could be given their due.

In 2009 I painted 57 miniatures, several of which were the beginning of my "speed painting" style.  I don't know if you consider 57 a big number of a small number, but I decided that in 2010 I'd try to roughly double it to 100, with the 56 Numidian Light Infantry I had ordered as part of Wargames Factory's sale forming the bulk of it.

Well, with that last bunch of Numidian swordsmen I crossed the One Hundred Miniatures Painted mark, and it is only early May.  So by my calculations I'm about four times as fast a painter as I was in 2009.  Now there were lots of reasons why I was less productive in 2009.  For one thing, I created a ton of wargaming terrain, and in 2010 have done very little in the way of terrain.

So where to from here?  Well, there's a few things on my mind.

  1. Finish the second set of Numidian light infantry.  There's four left (a command trio and a javelin thrower) which are currently primed on the hobby table.  I'd like to have them done by Thursday, but it doesn't seem likely.  That's the second pending milestone, by the way.
  2. There's 57 Shock Troopers hopefully on their way from Wargames Factory right now.
  3. I could take a break from miniatures and work on terrain for a while, including my modular dungeon and a few sci-fi pieces that just need paint.
  4. Just do something totally different, like painting up Chainmail warbands using my "slow painting" technique or start something totally different.
I do have to be a little realistic about a few things.  I'll be vacationing in May and June.  I could also be traveling to interview for a new job in June.  And of course, there's the slim chance I could a) be offered the new job and b) decide I want it, which just throws everything out the window.  I've been clearing the hurdles from nine candidates to five to three.  It's easy to get all caught up in the possibility that I could be moving, but as I told my wife--two people are going to be told "no."

Friday, May 7, 2010

Numidian Swordsmen

To give my Numidian army a little more muscle, here are eight more swordsmen from Wargames Factory.  I've noticed that the Minwax Polyshades pooled a big more on these guys than the slingers--I thought the slingers had too little, these may have had too much.  I've also noticed that the matte finish I'm using isn't that matte, it is more satin.  Oh well.

I'm nearing the end of the second boxed set of Numidians, which is pretty exciting for me.  Hopefully they will be done by next week.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Numidian Slingers

I like to sling-a, with birds and the trees in the Spring-a....

Well, as promised May starts off well with eight Numidian slingers by Wargames Factory that just didn't make it to completion in time for April.  I'm using a different varnish these days, and it is a lot more subtle.  I think I like it better, just because it doesn't seem quick so goopy and overwhelming.  Feel free to let me know what you think.


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