Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chaz, Zombie Survivor

I finished another miniature to represent an NPC over at Hard Boiled Zombies, the cosplay enthusiast Chaz.

She's from Hasslefree Miniatures, and clearly a take-off on the main character from Ghost in the Shell.

Why I asked

I raised the question about how you know when I post to this blog for two reasons.  First, I was curious about the mechanisms involved, and how many people use(d) Google Reader.  Other blogs I follow had been tackling the Reader issue and I was curious about how many people were affected by this.

The other reason is a more personal one.  I have three blogs: the blog dedicated to my solo zombie campaign, my wargaming blog and my roleplaying game blog.  Now I do both wargaming and RPG's fairly consistently, at least in terms of painting miniatures, etc.  But because I have different blog posts in different areas, content is more spaced out between each entry on the individual blogs.  In addition, I don't know where to put posts on books I'm reading or other things that don't specifically speak to the blog's main topic.

What's funny is, I don't see a lot of people who straddle RPG's and wargaming, as far as I can tell.  Obviously there's overlap--they're sold in the same stores.  But I've been seriously considering consolidating at least my two main blogs together and leaving the zombie blog alone as its own quasi-serial adventure (side note: new entry coming soon!)

My son, who's 13 and spends a ton of time online, thinks that is a mistake.  He doesn't like it when he's looking at Youtube videos on videogames and has to sort through a bunch of videos on other stuff done by the same guy.

I've also been considering going back to Wordpress.  I miss being able to categorize posts and the greater latitude in terms of blog templates.  Also, my original Wordpress blog was cross-genre in terms of hobby, so there's a precedent there.  However the handful of you who responded to my post said you followed it on Blogger's dashboard, so I'll probably keep things here.

So, my question: does it matter that a blog hops around in terms of content?  Would you rather follow a dedicated blog, or are your own pursuits just as varied?  Please respond.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Cross-Blog Question

I posting this here and on my other blog, and please do consider answering:

How do you follow this blog?  Google Reader?  The Blogger dashboard?  A program like Feedly?

I'm trying to figure something out, and would appreciate knowing.  Thanks.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The First Game of Saga

So, Bill from Wargaming from an Armchair came over and despite being forced to sit in a regular chair, played two games of Saga the Viking Age, his Scotsmen vs. my Vikings as four points each.  Here's some pics of the games (don't forget to click the photo for a larger version):

Can I say, first and foremost, with perhaps a small bit of snobbery, how really great it is to take pictures of a wargame and have most if not all of the miniatures painted.  The only unpainted mini was mine, the Viking warlord.

I'll get some thoughts down about what I thought about Saga in a later post.  But for now, enjoy the photos!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Saga Viking Warband

Well, I got them done with time to spare--20 Vikings equaling four points in the Saga the Viking Ages.  That's three units of four Hirdmen, and one unit of eight Bondi.  I'll worry about the warlord another time, but for now just use another figure that's appropriate.

So, that's 20 towards my not-really-a-painting goal, and I'm ready for tomorrow's game against Bill from Wargaming from an Armchair.  I'll expand these fellows out to six points in time for our next game, probably with 12 levies, another unit of Bondi, and a single unit of berzerkers.  That'll give me seven points, so I can switch one out as I like.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

More WIP Viking Hearthguard

I realized reading the Saga rules last night that while the box might call them Huscarls, the rules call them Hearthguard.  As you wish.

So I've painted 12 Viking Hearthguard, sans bases and shields.  I've started the eight Bondi that will make up the fourth and final point at this phase of army construction, and hopefully will finish them and the shields tomorrow.  I've got a warlord to paint up as well, but he may have to wait.  I'll dust off one of my earlier painted Vikings to fill in for him in necessary.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WIP Viking Huscarls

So, I'm planning to try out Saga the Viking Age this Saturday against Bill, and since we are both kind of painting snobs I'm trying to get 21 Vikings painted up by then.  Right now, I've got eight huscarls basecoated but lacking their ink washes, shields, and basing.  My plan is to try to try to paint the other four huscarls, eight bondi, and the warlord together as one big group in a fairly assembly-line manner.

I know these guys don't look like much now--basing and shields will do a lot to make them better.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Next Army: Vikings!

Okay, here's the big news (for me, at least).  I decided to finally do something about the fact that I haven't really wargamed much except for the solo zombie wargame, the rare game of Mordheim, and the even more rare game of Warhammer 40K.  So, I approached Bill of Wargaming from an Armchair to see if he'd be interested in playing a game he'd recently gotten into: Saga.

Dark Ages?  That'll work.  Small number of figs?  I can paint that.  Well received rules?  I can get behind that.  Cheap minis?  Sure.  Really cheap minis....?

Just as a comparison, this cost what a Games Workshop tank does.

Here's the story.  I went to one of the gaming stores in KC because I knew I had seen these boxes there.  I like Wargames Factory minis well enough, and 32 minis for $20 isn't bad at all.  I only needed two boxes, but the guy at the counter offered to sell me the last one for only $8, since it they had been collecting dust on their shelves for years.  So, including the $8 Reaper miniature I bought for my chieftan, I spent (with tax) about $60 and got 97 Vikings, which is a few more than I needed.  About three times as many, but I don't care.  I can do something with them (even do a second army for the boy).

So, time to start painting!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Brazen Claws win (again!)

Because of some scheduling issues, I don't really get into my FLGS for Games Workshop night, but tonight was a bit different and I was able to get my Brazen Claws into a fight with some weedy Tau.  Emperor's Will scenario, set up on the short edges.  What followed by essentially me running most of my army towards his fortification wall-thingie and getting shot a lot.

Thankfully, I had a unit of terminators that came in behind and threatened his objective, not to mention wiping out his Broadside unit.

You're going down, smurfy.
In addition, Brother Kemper, my assault-cannon toting Dreadnought managed to make his way across the entire table, over the wall and wrecked havoc with his units.  Near the end my opponent was throwing everything including the kitchen sink at him, until in Turn 7 he finally dropped, having eliminated every Tau unit close to his own objective.

One hull point left but still ready to kill.

While my opponent tried to get two infantry units over to my objective, they were all dealt with harshly.  While we both were pretty badly beat up by Turn 7, I had managed to hold my objective while keeping his units away from his own, so I eked out a 3-2 win.

That's a couple of wins for the Red and the Blue.  I always get compliments for having a (mostly) painted army as well.  I will say, I would have done even better if the Tau weren't able to re-roll to-hit and to-wound rolls on a 1.

Friday, March 1, 2013

A Unit a Month?

This year I decided to not bother with a painting goal. I had found the pressure had made me cut corners and take shortcuts to pad out my numbers.

But after two months I've found my painting has dwindled away to an anemic level. So I began to think that rather than get into pure numbers I might consider a more modest goal but one where I could feel like I was making some kind of progress.

I considered trying to tackle the lead pile but it is hard to maintain enthusiasm for something that doesn't seem to have a real goal.

So I'm thinking I might shoot for one unit a month. I will start small and see where it goes from there. I think that it helps to feel like some day the unit in question might see action so I plan to start with some units for the Brazen Claws that I just happen to already own. That way I kill two birds with one stone. I've got at least three BC units I can paint up, so that would get me well into Spring. Stay tuned.


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