Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The last win for the Brazen Claws in 2012?

Tonight I played a pretty small 40K game with my Brazen Claws Space Marines--750 points against Tau.  I fielded a chaplain with a power fist (WYSIWYG), a ten-man tac squad with flamer/missile launcher broken into two combat squads with a lascannon razorback, a five-man sniper scout squad, a five-man assault terminator squad, and a predator with autocannon and heavy bolter sponsons.

My opponent had two fire teams, a crisis suit team, and an HQ guy with some bodyguards in crisis suits.

So, things went really well for the red-and-blue.  The predator gets top billing, having pounded apart several crisis suits with its autocannons, but the missile launchers in the scout and tac unit also helped.  I concentrated fire for the most part, and ended up slowly picking them apart.  The fire teams held back, probably way too much considering we were playing short table edges, although the one fire team picked apart my termies when the deepstruck in on turn three.

The chaplain, whom I rarely field, did a great job, first killing the general and then driving the fire team guarding his objective off the table.  All told I won with 6 VP's (holding my objective, first blood, linebreaker, and killing the warlord) to his zero.  I'm sorry I didn't get any pics.

This might be the last 40K game I play in a while, however.  Tuesday evenings are the 40K night at the FLGS, and I've now got a schedule conflict for that night (and Thursday night, which is WarMachine night, should I have wanted to get into that game, and Wednesday night, which is Battletech).  Friday night is my good night, but that is Magic: the Gathering which I am not interested in at all, and Monday is board game night, which is also not really my cup of tea.

It's not a huge loss.  I hadn't played a 40K game in weeks, between other schedule issues and sometimes not being able to get a free table in the FLGS' limited space.  There's also not really an alternative evening to try to find someone to play at my house, at least for a few months.  The Fridays that aren't taken up by D&D are usually taken up by something work related.

So for a time, this blog might be a little dormant, although my other two should still be fairly active.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Budgeting for September

I have been kind of bad about keeping up with the details of my frugality pledge.  Today I thought I would get caught back up.

At the very end of August I spent $37 plus $12 shipping on an eBay purchase of the AD&D Players Guide (1st Edition, second printing), the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide and the crown jewel of the purchase and what I was really after, the D&D Cyclopedia.  That overshot me on August's purchases, which were already shortened by August's overspending.  That left me overspent for August by sixteen dollars.

In September, I have made two purchases: the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying sourcebook Civil War, which I reviewed in detail here, and the "Raised Ranch House" by Stoetzel's Structures, which you can see at my zombie blog here.  But here's a pic just for fun:

And....I'm done.  At least for September (which still have about eight days left).  That means that in October, I can get the full $60 and feel like I'm back on top.  Honestly as I said in my review I've got a chunk of buyer's regret about the Civil War; I have really mixed feeling about the game in which I vacillate between "I really want to run this" and "let's take another look at Mutants & Masterminds."

I'm not thrilled to have wasted the money, which I suppose is the point of having a budget.  I don't have a lot of plans for October's money, since right now I have both unpainted zombies and space marines which can keep me busy.  What I really don't have is time, to the point where I'm starting to worry about the painting pledge.  We'll see what happens.


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