Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Whither new name?

I'm seriously considering merging this blog with the RPG blog I have, just so I don't have to maintain more than one blog, not to mention try to figure out where stuff that isn't one specific hobby or another goes (like, I don't know, crocheting miniature vampires or something).  My problem?  A lot of good blog names are already taken.  I'm really stymied at this point.

A quick cool story about spaceships

Courtesy of Super Galactic Dreadnought:

MMORPG Starship battle costs likely thousands of dollars in the real world.

January Review

I have been trying to figure out recently if I should consolidate blogs or continue to leave my wargaming and RPG blogs separated like meat and milk in a kosher kitchen.  Adding into that mix and ruining the metaphor is my zombie blog, which has seen the most activity to date.  Until I come up with a solution, I didn't want this blog to totally die off, so here's what I've been up to in January (mostly documented elsewhere).

I painted three miniatures this month, which should be the worst in several years for a monthly total.  The three were all for my All Things Zombie game.

I also completed two cardstock/foamcore buildings, a ranch-style house and a food market.

I also ran two solo sessions of my zombie game, both of which were nail biters, but I managed to have my Stars survive both times.  You can read the accounts here.

In the not-solo gaming portion of my hobby, I played two RPG sessions, one a test game of Iron Kingdoms run by a friend and the other a regular session of my D&D 4E campaign.

I purchased two RPG's this month: Primeval (based on the British television show) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I almost finished my "25 Villains of Christmas" coming up one short before running out of gas and going far, far past the deadline for Christmas anyways.

I read two books, vastly different from one another.  The first was Richard Morgan's cyberpunk mystery/thriller Altered Carbon while the second was Eleanor Kuhn's Revolutionary War-era murder mystery A Simple Murder.

So all told, a fairly brisk month in terms of recreational activity, just not a lot that quite qualifies as "wargaming."

Never fear, though.  In addition to another cardstock/foamcore building on the worktable, I've also started painting up elements of a couple of Mordheim warbands for my son and I to use against each other.  Hopefully when that takes off I'll have a few more things to post here.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Quick Frugality Update

At the end of 2012, I had not only met my Frugality Pledge of spending 3/5th of what I had spent in 2011, but I had even shaved it a bit lower than that, to the tune of $54.00  In early January, my wife (the RL Irene of Hard Boiled Zombies fame) made a $50 bet with me over basically the innate decency of humanity, which I won (go humanity!).  That money, I was told, could be spent however I wanted.

So, armed with a little roll-over cash and a little bonus money to my monthly allotment, I'm feeling pretty flush.  I bought a copy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG at Half Price Books for $20, a cardstock food market pdf from Stoelzel's Structures for $5, and special ordered $43 worth of miniatures for my zombie game from my local gaming store, just to support the local business.

I'm halfway through the month and still fairly set.  What's more, I don't see any huge purchases looming on the horizon.  I'm still thinking it would be nice to get some serious painting in, but right now I'm enjoying running my All Things Zombie campaign, mostly with the minis I already have painted up.


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