Roach and Gunther, Foundry Zombie Survivors

As I combed through my collection of random, unaffiliated miniatures in an attempt to see what I could cannibalize (no pun intended) for my ATZ solo-campaign, I came across a blister of Foundry "Street Violence" miniatures.  These are from the "Outlaw Trash" blister, and fit the Zombie Apocalypse genre perfectly, although Foundry's names for them, "Roach" and "Gunther" leave a lot to be desired.

I can use them as survivors or gangers, whichever I need at the moment.


  1. At this year's Fall-In! I think I used these same two figs in a *huge* ATZ game. I always liked Foundry's Street Violence figs, perfect for the Zombpocalypse.

    I'll keep my eyes peeled for your ATZ solo-campaign too, sounds fun.


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