Three Cheers for Standardized Basing

First, welcome to two new followers, Bard and Felix Flauta.  Hope this blog is interesting.
Second, no pics this week.  Life has been crazy, not all crazy bad, just lots of evening appointments and activities that took the place of my regular painting time.
I have been thinking lately about my hope to do one wargame a month.  January is passing by and I still haven't played anything (although I did play a fun new board game with the family).  I am thinking I might try to play a quick small game of Warhammer with my son.
Anyways, I have been thinking about what I might like to play.  I'm kind of fed up with the new "buy tons of more miniatures" editions of Warhammer and Warhammer 40K, so I am looking for another game to play.  Ideally it would be a game that I could play solo sometimes, which then means that I would need to create two armies: one for me and one for my "opponent."  It also wouldn't hurt if I didn't have to sink a lot of money into it, both in terms of rules and miniatures.
I generally favor fantasy over sci-fi when it comes to non-historicals, and I've been looking at three "not Warhammer" games: Hordes of the Things, Hostile Realms, and Fantasy Impetus.  Ironically enough, each of them are conversions of historical rules, de Bellis Antiquitatis, Piquet, and Impetus.  Even better, they use roughly the same basing.  HotT uses 60mm frontage per unit, Hostile Realms uses four stands per unit with each stand having a 60mm frontage, and Fantasy Impetus uses 120mm frontages that would equate roughly to four HotT stands.  In other words, Hostile Realms and Fantasy Impetus units could be used interchangeably, although HR removes stands and FI doesn't.
Even better yet, my FLGS has a copy of the previous edition Battle for Skull Pass Warhammer box set at a very discounted price.  That's at least a HotT dwarf army, and a good ways towards a HR and FI night goblin army.  And even better yet, the pieces are pretty easy to paint.
We'll see how this develops as time goes on.


  1. You might also consider Pride of Lions. It was written for 15mm but I think it can be played with 28mm as well. Also Mighty Armies is about to get new releases from Rebel Minis, I think, and there are new mass combat Fantasy rules pending from Ganesha Games based on the Song of Blades and Heroes rules.

  2. Might I suggest Warmaster? I am not a Games Workshop fan, but I really liked the mechanics. I use my 15mm that are based for WRG rules.


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