A look inside the gaming room

Last Sunday my gaming group gathered together for the first time at my home, in the basement room called the "Dad and Daughter Cave."
lens: Helga Viking, film: BlacKeys B&W, flash: off
It's called the "Dad & Daughter Cave" because my daughter, Spell Familiar, staked out a good chunk of what was really supposed to be my Man Cave and inhabited it with Barbies, Polly Pockets, and a host of other girlie things.  I don't really mind because Spell Familiar has some pretty high needs when it comes to privacy, but she and I can hang out together down there without having to interact much (unlike my son, Ammo Grot, who pretty much demands constant attention if he can get it).

In any case, I managed to get my gaming group together there for the first time Sunday where we continued to slog our way through a WotC-produced dungeon.  By the time I had to end it, we only had one encounter left, which we will pick up in two weeks. Once that adventure is done, however, one of the other players is going to take over running the campaign.  He will apparently be running a huge pre-written adventure, so I'll be playing for quite some time.  This is all pretty great for me.  I didn't really want to run a game, I wanted to play.  I only started because the person who had been running a game had to stop because his plate got to be too full.  This is the same guy who is now running again, starting next session.  And while I didn't spend a ton of time planning these sessions (not the use of pre-generated adventures) I won't mind taking that load off my plate.

Now, obviously there's a chance that this guy's plate will get full again and I'll have to jump back over the screen, but until then I get to figure out what D&D character I want to build.  Then what Reaper miniature will best fit the concept, etc.  In the meantime I can also be planning my solo ATZ campaign as well.


  1. Good to hear, sorry about the invasion of your man cave.


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