The Tiefling Warlord and a Crazy Idea

First, welcome to some new followers: Myincubliss, FabesMinis, and La Long Carbine.  Yesterday's entry was apparently really popular--I guess I hit some sort of wavelength with The Tale of X Gamers.

Anyways, Sunday I relinquish my GM's screen and one of the players in my D&D game will take over the role.  Thus I get to play D&D for the first time since, well, forever it feels like.  To that end, I painted up a miniature just for the occasion.

He's Renerris, a tiefling warlord.  The figure is Reaper's "Vaeloth, hellborn paladin," clearly part of their attempt to get into the D&D core races.  What's good is that he's based, unlike the twenty other miniatures I've painted this month, so he'll actually go into the finished category.

So last night I'm suffering from one of my periodic bouts of insomnia, and I am just tossing and turning.  I got an idea into my head about combining the games 5150 and All Things Zombie into a game called All Things Alien.  It would be the same general concept as ATZ (survivors trying to avoid getting munched by shambling monsters) but would take place on a space station instead of a city.  I'll leave in the ol' Crock Pot and see what comes of it.


  1. Absolutely, I loved the 4 Gamers back in the day. Great blog!

  2. Me too! Ended up following random links til I got here, enjoyed reading the blog, so here I stay! Even though you spelt my username wrong :p

  3. Fixed! This is the peril of not having the followers list open at the same time as the "new post" page.

  4. I love the "All Things Alien" idea. I always thought that if I were ever to take a serious stab at doing a sci-fi game it'd either be that type of game, or else something very similar, like salvage teams going into derelict ships to kill the alien monsters and get out with the salvageable tech (kind of a "dungeon in space"). Can't wait to read how it works out when you try it.

  5. Zombies, spacestation, junkyard salvage crew all you need is a p*$%£d off sheriff, with some attitude, and an A.I. with delusions of control.

    Speaking of which wasn't there an old movie with an underwater station with a guy trying to survive the local inhabitants till his relief arrived and wasn't that based on the similar set Space Station sheriff trying to enforce the law while surving the day?? memory is a little hazy, as one B-Movie blurrs into another.

    Still your idea's sound and there's plenty of sculpts on the market.

    Best of luck.


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