Dwarf Blades for Hordes of the Things

Dwarf Blades by Games Workshop
Finally, after nearly two months, the bases I ordered from Litko Aerosystems arrived at my FLGS.  I like ordering stuff through the store because I don't end up paying shipping, and the store gets the business.  Anyways, the bases are in and I've begun finalizing the various units of my dwarf and goblin armies for Hordes of the Things.  To recap, I'm using the miniatures from the previous edition box set of Warhammer Fantasy Battles (purchased with a nice discount from the aforementioned FLGS) to kit out two starter armies that can be used for solo play or indoctrinating new players.  The bases also work for Hostile Realms, although you need more of them.

So these guys had been languishing for weeks, having been basecoated and put aside.  Once the bases were in, I could attach them with pins and superglue, given them a coat of wood varnish, texture the bases and then matte spray varnish the whole base, minis and all.  I continue to be amazed at what a $8.00 can of varnish can do to perk up a model.

Viewers familiar with HotT might note the base seems a little large for two units of Blades.  They are 60mm x 30mm, not 20mm as the rules suggest, because the GW minis are a little chunky, and I didn't think anyone would notice.

But being based and finished means I get six painting points on the board, with more in the pipeline!


  1. They look nice, the grouping allows for personality while still giving a feel for the regiment unlike the massed groups of 20+ where all you can see is the front rank in a blur of colour.

    A possible suggestion, one which your more than welcome to ignore :), cutting notches and gentlely burring the edges of the bases gives a more natural feel without taking away from the straight edges for gaming purposes.

    look forward to seeing more...

  2. Intriguing.

    I'm wondering if I should get Mantic minis for Hordes of the Things. They would fit just fine on those bases.


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