Finish Sci-fi terrain piece and some other things

I finished painting the sci-fi terrain piece.  It's nothing complicated, but Mega Minis just released Salvage Crew: Star Mogul for free and I thought I would take a look.

From time to time I read bloggers talking about how life has kicked them in the backside in one way or another.  Some are truly horrific, like losing a child.  Others are more picayune, but nonetheless you hate to see it happen to someone.

Well, this week it is my turn in the barrel.  I ended up at work five evenings this week, and on the last of those evenings my wife blew out her Achilles tendon playing futsal, which is sort of a fast-spaced version of indoor soccer.  So Friday she had surgery to reattach the tendon and will now be in a cast for several weeks and really be unable to use the leg for about four months.

The impact this will have on our lives, in the short, is hard to estimate.  For one thing, unless we can someone locate a carpool option, I'll be driving her to work each day (about half an hour one way) and picking her up. She'll be unable to pursue her athletic activities, which stinks for her big time because that's her big stress reliever.  We are already trying to scale back some of the things that we don't have to do, like having the kids buy lunch instead of making it each night.  It'll be a challenge, but the most important thing is getting the leg back to normal.


  1. Wow, I'm really sorry to hear about your wife's tendon. I hope you guys can manage to work around it while she heals. Best wishes for her speedy recovery!


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