WIP Sci-fi Terrain

I tend to like to have at least one pic of something I've done in a hobby-ish fashion each week, but lately things have been pretty busy at work.  (Side note: next week will be even worse, including no less than five evenings working.)  I had cast a few sci-fi bricks with the idea of starting the "let's build an entire space station interior" dream before reality kicked in and I realized that to do so would mean that it would practically be the only thing I did all year.  I did seriously consider it, however.  Generally the thinking went like this:

Why don't I do this?  I mean, I don't have anything else going on.  I'm playing in an RPG now, not running one.  I don't have a current wargame.  It could be my magnum opus.  It could literally be the coolest thing I ever made as a hobbyist.

So anyways, I took the bricks I had cast and put together a little terrain piece, a lot like some ones I made a while back.  Nothing fancy.  Still needs paint.


  1. Very nice. What mold is the cornerpiece on that corner in the foreground from?

  2. #303, the Med Lab Accessory Mold



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