Roger, Zombie Apocalypse Ganger

While I let the wood polish finish on my dwarfs, I thought I'd tidy up this fellow and get him ready.  He's "Airborne" from one of Foundry's "Street Violence" blisters, but I changed the name because it sounded inane.  I actually glued him to his base years ago, hence the square rather than the round one I would normally use on a modern, not-to-be-ranked-up figure.  I figure he'll make a good gang leader with his grenades, SMG, and assault rifle.  He even appears to have some sort of tactical vest on under his overcoat.

I got some good responses to my query about energy.  Friday is always a great day for me in terms of creativity, because it is my day off and the kids are at school and the wife is at her job.  I tend to putter about the "Daddy & Daughter Cave," paint a bit, cast some plaster, and listen to an old mystery novel on CD.  Not the most exciting life, but it gets me by and lets me have a little rare bit of quiet.

I am still kicking about ideas for what to do when I'm done with the two armies.  I want to keep up the tempo and get the remaining goblins done once the dwarfs have been completed, just so I can move on without too much delay.