The next army is...Brazen Claws

Now that I am done with the two Hordes of the Things armies, I have taken up another project.  This is inspired by my decision to try out the local 40K gaming club, otherwise known as "the only gaming club that meets regularly in my city."

To their credit, the club is friendly and welcoming and has quite a few members including several women.  That says to me that they manage to curb some of the stereotypically negative qualities that gamers can possess.  And since I haven't played any wargame in almost a year, I thought this was my best bet.

I am not going to go off on a rant about Games Workshop's market strategy, expense, or ruleset (aside from just briefly saying that I am paying $3.75 for a single plastic figure that qualifies as a infantry troop choice).  If you want more than that, there are literally hundreds of blogs and forum posts that will let you eat from that trough.

That having been said, at least initially I am going to just assemble a Space Marine army using the figures from the Warhammer 40K box set (cost: $90) and the handful of Space Marine miniatures I already owned.  With the $30 that the army book set me back, that means that I'm in this game for $120 and what I have is about 1250 points for the army.  For those who don't know 40K, that's a pretty small army these days.  At the club games are played in the 2000-3000 point range.  But it is a start, and here's what my list will look like:

HQ Choices
Captain in terminator armor

Eilte Choices
Terminator Squad

Troop Choices
Tactical Squad
Tactical Squad
Scout Squad

Fast Attack Choices
Bike Squad

Heavy Support
Devastator Squad
Predator Tank

After anguishing over which chapter I wanted to use, I went with Brazen Claws.  I didn't want to go with one of the more popular chapters, or pick one that would be super-simple to paint, like a simple spray-and-dip option.  I wanted one that would look good, but not be too complicated.  The Brazen Claws have a red-and-blue quartered armor.  I'll be posted pics as I get each unit finished.