Random Demons

These are two Furies from the Dark Elf army for Warhammer Fantasy Battles.  I picked them up ages ago as part of a eBay lot, and they have been moldering on the lead pile for years.  Well, the DM of my D&D game (i.e. "the game that never seems to happen") asked me if I had some gargoyle/demon figures and I volunteered them for active service.  I painted them blue according to his specifications, but I'm not thrilled with the job I did.  It was a little too quick-and-dirty, and I think it illustrates the shortcomings of "the dip."  The particular varnish I use is too reddish-brown, I think and I may have to go look at other options.


  1. Heya
    "too quick-and-dirty" I think if you can tidy up the wings a little the rest of the body will seem okay again. Can't just give the wings another quick wash to mute down the red? I'm not very good with the whole colour wheel approach but what would a Green wash on the wings do?

    Best of luck

  2. Yeah, I'm definitely going to go over the wings.


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