Brazen Claws Scouts

Finally got these guys done.  They are another bunch of miniatures that have been in my collection for ages but never saw a paint brush until the past couple of weeks.  For whatever reason, it didn't really come easy, either.  I found myself getting frustrated. But I knuckled under and now they are done.

By the way, my chaplain got second place.  The other mini wasn't as well painted, but had conversion work.  It's only a $5 difference in the prize money, so I'm still pretty pleased.


  1. Congrats on the chaplain making second place! No biggie if the prize is only $5 -- bragging rights are what's really important. :) Glad you got a prize, and one well deserved!

  2. I realized after your comment that I mis-typed it. It's a $5 _difference_ in prize money. First place was $20, second was $15. Given that there were only two entrants, I think the store almost lost money on the competition.


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