First weekly After Action Report

Since I'm usually doing one 40K game a week now, I thought I'd at least try to share some of what happens each week.  I can't provide the detailed reports that some people can; for one thing, I don't know the rules well enough and for another I'm not taking detailed notes while I game.
My gaming club suffers from having too few tables in the FLGS where we play, which means that at least one table is a two-on-two battle, and I was part of that last night: my Brazen Claws and Imperial Guard vs. Orks and Nurgle Chaos Space Marines (each with 1000 pts).

The Army Roster (of sorts)
I fielded my captain in terminator armor, a tac squad, a scout squad, two dreads, a terminator squad and a devastator squad.  My partner had two tanks (a Leman Russ and a demolisher), a Chimera, a command squad, two regular infantry squads, and a veteran squad.  Again, I'm short on details.
The ork player had three big trukks, one with the force field, two units of lootas, one unit of bikes and one helicopter.  The chaos player had a chaos lord, two units of plague marines in rhinos, a dread and a predator with lascannons.

The game was to claim five markers, with Spearhead formation.

Humanity's finest fall on the mysterious planet Plywood
The short version is the dice crapped out on us.   Despite our heavy weapon resources, we actually failed to destroy any of our opponents vehicles with the exception of one of my dreads using a multi-melta at point blank range to destroy the chaos dreadnought and the same dreadnought hitting and destroying the predator's rear armor on a mulligan because they felt so bad for us at that point.  We failed to destroy any of the transport vehicles, however, so my tac squad was overrun by 19 Shoota boyz and the Imperial Guard were tank-shocked with Chaos Rhinos.  By the bottom of turn three all I had left was an immobilized dreadnought and two terminators while my partner had a Leman Russ and the Chimera.  On the other side, they had lost the predator, the dreadnought, the helicopter (which I had taken care of) and the 19 Ork Shootas which my partner had wiped out with barrages.  That was it.
Our opponents agreed that we suffered terribly for poor dice rolling, as I said before (hence the mulligan when I rolled a 1 to damage with the multi-melta).  I did get a few tips about army composition, but really I'm just playing with what I own, so all I can do with that is file it away on the chance I decide to purchase more Space Marines.

And on that note, I'll break here for some meandering thoughts.

Obviously, one of the topics of conversation around the back room of the gaming store was the price increases at Games Workshop.  The FLGS has just received their first shipment of product at the higher price, as well as the first round of miniatures composed of resin.
From the conversation and my own reading of the blogosphere the common wisdom is that Games Workshop is pretty inured against customer outrage.  As the game store owner (who wasn't exactly pleased about this turn of events, since the percentage that he pays wholesale also went up) said, what will make any difference at all is if people stop buying Games Workshop miniatures.  And historically they really haven't.  We can talk about economic downturns and new companies and whatever, but Games Workshop is the Microsoft of the miniatures market in that they got in early and they got in big, so people who have sunk $500+ into Games Workshop are going to be unlikely to experiment with something new.  The microcosm of this was two guys at the store last night, one saying "when I buy something new, it'll be one of these WarMachine minis I've been hearing so much about," and the second buying the new resin version of the Ork Warboss.

I have my own version of this.  As I mentioned earlier, I painted up a Space Marine Chaplain for the store's monthly contest, in this case a "buy and paint" competition.  Well, I'm guaranteed at least second place, because only two people bothered to submit a miniature: me and another guy.  My paint job is better, but he had conversion work.  If it came down to basing, I think I have it with my resin base over his just-graveled-over base.  (I do want to say that the other guy did do up a great miniature, but he's color blind, a source of some humor around the club.)
So, second place is $15, first place is $20.  Either way, what am I going to spend the credit on?  I own no less than three starter box sets for WarMachine, and have never played a single game.  Unless I decide to just buck the system and put it towards the newest edition of Mutants and Masterminds or Dystopian Wars, it'll probably go towards a new unit of devastators because a) that's what I own, b) that's what I play with, and c) that's what the guy sells.  Those three reasons are why the GW price hike won't be some cataclysmic blow to the company.  It'll continue to peter along, a lumbering monolith of hobbydom, for some time.

And If I'm wrong, I've still got about 1250 pts. of Space Marines to get crushed each week. :T