Brazen Claws Librarian

As much as I hate to admit it, this guy is becoming a regular HQ choice for me, especially in low-point games.  Between the wargear, the psychic powers, and the relatively low point cost, he's just too good to pass up.  I've actually had this figure for many years, when I was first getting into 40K.  My brother-in-law gave me this figure and a chaplain, on account of my having been both a librarian and a chaplain at some point in my life.  I painted up the chaplain (he looks pretty hideous--I was just learning to paint) but never bothered with this guy.  Now he's done and ready to lead my troops to battle.  After his sufferings last game, I figured he was due.

In other news, over at SoloNexus they are telling me that November is Solo Tabletop Gaming Appreciation month and they are doing this push to get people do something new or something big in the month of 11/11.  These sorts of things always appeal to me because of my irrational need to try to meet goals related to my free time.  And while I have some serious interest in getting a solo campaign going, if for no other reason than because my hometown appears to be in the grips of Irrational Loyalty to Warhammer (or "ILOW" for short), I think I will be taking a pass on this one.  I already shackled myself to the painting goal which is almost four-fifths done even though it is only July.  Six months to paint thirty miniatures means five miniatures a month, which is practically cruising speed.


  1. Great mini and a great paint job. I like this one a lot!


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