Finally, a Friday

After re-reading my last post I realized that I was precariously close to some sort of emotional slump and could easily succumb to the temptation of spending all my free time watching old episodes of Silk Stalkings on Netflix or something.  Therefore something had to be done.  Thankfully, fortune favored me by arranging for me to have a day off and the house to myself: no kids, wife, or work commitments.  I know from long experience that disorder in my environment can be a distraction and a drag, so I began there.  Here's what my worktable (and for that matter, my gaming table) looked like:

After a good hour of straightening up, here's what I had:

I even gave the old girl a good round of polish after taking the photograph.  For good measure I tidied up the worksink also present in the Daddy/Daughter Cave, and even went so far as to tackling the shelves and shelves of random miniatures that make up "The Lead Pile."  I had, as perhaps evident in the previous picture, been tossing about several different projects at once, and most of those got shelved, like the zombie strippers and the Space Marine land speeder.  I find it so much better if I just tackle one project at a time, rather than get ahead on about three or four at once and then feel overwhelmed.  My own schedule said I should be working on the second unit of tactical marines, and I began painting five of them, rather than the one ten at one go.

I also started casting a little plaster with my Hirst Arts molds.  This is a fine thing to do while painting.  You can mix up and pour the plaster, do a little painting, and scrape five minutes later.  After another half hour of painting you demold the bricks, and repeat the process.  After two or three hours of this you will find yourself having painted quite a bit, and by the same token have made five or so casts, which can form the basis of a nice bit of terrain.

Hopefully by this time next week I'll have some nice finished pieces to show you.  I think I've successfully flushed out my ennui.


  1. It always feels good to clean up the workspace. Which reminds me mine is a mess...

  2. My work space looks like a bombs hit it..:-D
    but it´s friday and the weekend calls so feet up and some wine :-D


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