A small cottage

Over the long weekend I decided to finish up this terrain project that had been sitting around for a couple of months.  It is made with Hirst Arts molds.  I think when I started it I was thinking I could use it in a Chaos in Carpathia, Very British Civil War, or even an All Things Zombie game.  Anyways, I'm pleased with how it turned out, so much so that I may do another similar one.

The holiday weekend isn't shaping up all that well.  My children returned from a long trip with their grandparents on a flight that was delayed to the point where it futzed with my D&D game, and now today the weather is acting up.  I might just go hide from the in-laws in the Daddy/Daughter Cave casting plaster.

Finally, if you haven't been following my RPG blog, http://graphpapergames.blogspot.com , you should check it out.  I'm slowly going through a sealed box of RPG's that I bought sight unseen from the local bookstore. It's a random bit of RPG history in there.


  1. That's a superb building -- I really like how that looks!


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