Weekly club report, the first week of July 2011

This week at the regular club gathering I ended up facing off once more against Black Templars, but this time I was a little wiser and while still getting pounded pretty solidly I gave back quite a bit better.  One thing I've noticed is that it is not necessarily bad to lose the deploy first/go first roll.  I have two dreads, an anti-mech one and an anti-infantry one.  My opponent placed his tanks on the anti-infantry one and his large blocks of bikes and assault marines on the anti-tank one.  I'm also really sick of not being able to damage Land Raiders, and my current strategy is just to ignore them and wait for them to run aground on difficult terrain.

Here's a pic, not of my game but of an interesting Daemons vs. Tyranids game featuring the rare occurrence of two fully painted armies battling it out.
Nature red of tooth and claw...