Weekly club report, the second week of July 2011

Space Marines vs. Space Marines, 1300 pts.

I fielded my usual lot of Brazen Claws (i.e. what I own): librarian, captain with SS/RB, tactical squad, scout squad, sniper scout squad, two dreads, terminator squad, three bikes, and a devastator unit.

My opponent fielded a Master of the Forge, two sniper scout squads, five dreads of various configurations, and one ironclad dread in a drop pod.

So once again, it didn't go well.  We played where we each controlled a single objective.  He dropped his drop pod with the ironclad practically on top of my objective and wiped out my sniper scouts while he other dreads chipped away at my two dreads.
What did work well for me was my devastators, who took out the ironclad and at least two other dreads with their shooting.  My bikes and the tac squad made their way across the board towards his objective.  My termies landed near his objective, but took so much abuse from the snipers and the Master of the Forge and his death cannon of doom that they couldn't hold it.
By the time it was done I was down to the devastators but no one held my objective.  He had three dreads, and the two scout units (I got the Master of the Forge) and still held his objective.  Victory for him.

This hammered home for me the need for speed.  My three troop choices were legging it across the board getting shot up by dreads.  I've added a rhino, a predator, and a land speeder to the work table.  That'll be a much better addition that the point sink of having two HQ units.


  1. Heh... sounds like he runs a similar build to myself, though i have more scouts and only three dreads. Was the master packing a Conversion beamer...

    Adding a couple of jumppacks to your characters and deep striking your terminators will add to your mobility, Dreads will still chew a rhino to pieces given a clean shot.

    There's something funny about deploying up front then walking backwards while firing at the squads trying to close your dreads down, only to change direction and engage them when they're feeling the hurt :) ... still dreads have a lot of weakness and will quickly fall if mis-used. The extra armour packed on the ironclads makes a tonne of difference in-game.

    Best of luck


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