Depreciating Value, Round Two

My earlier post about depreciating value was a big hit, so I thought I would give you one more, an Eldar army list.  This comes from Collecting and Painting  Wargames Armies (1998).  The army list is "I Wanted to Invent My Own Craftworld" pp. 30-31

  • Farseer with seer runes, spirit stone, and witch blade
  • Warlock with singing spear
  • 6 Howling Banshees
  • 5 Swooping Hawks
  • 6 Fire Dragons
  • 4 Dark Reapers
  • 5 Guardians with power weapon
  • 5 Guardians with power weapon
  • 2 D-Cannons and crew
  • 6 Jetbikes with meltagun and power weapon
  • Vyper
  • Falcon with scatter laser and crystalline web
Now, right off the bat, I'll need to consolidate the Guardians into one unit and add the warlock.  Plus there's no power weapons or melta guns, but how's the total work out?

1998: 1,998 points
2011: 1,052 points
Depreciation: 47%

Note: One of the biggest offenders is the warlock, which went from 177 points to 28 points, but whose stats also took a beating.  The falcon went from 258 to 140.  Guardians went from being ~20 a piece to 8.

This'll be the last of these entries for a while, since I don't have an exhaustive collection of up-to-date army books.  If you'd be interested in my posting 1998 numbers and someone else out there telling me what the total is, let me know.


  1. Yes, we're interested!

    Can you take a picture of the page or something? I'd love to see it, since I haven't heard of this book before.


  2. Interesting post, but sadly, I don't think this can be very comparable since none of the upgrades that could be taken and were very expensive in previous renditions of the army can be taken anymore... so really the price decrease also came with a loss of those options and power.

    I'd say for the relative cost of the units in the Eldar army today, they are actually more expensive for what you get out of them than before.

    Crystaline Web was a cool upgrade, can't be taken anymore and an upgraded Falcon today is actually closer to 220ish points so that isn't really much of a price drop.

    Guardians/Jetbikes can't take power weapons and bikes certainly can't take melta guns and I think in general, the stats have taken a hit all around.

    So I guess while some things may have gone down in points, Their options/stats have gone down as well so respectively, the army is still pretty points intensive.

    A more meaningful comparison would perhaps be versus the new IG or SM books and you can clearly see that 135 for a vendetta when compared to a Falcon makes the Falcon look pretty retarded =(.

  3. If stats have been reduced and options removed, the model has still been devalued, surely?

    I remember that book, and that page! Don't remember the army, alas, but I was probably quite impressed by it at the time - there was some awesome-looking stuff in that book.


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