I'm back, baby!

So, if you've been keeping up with my angst-filled hobby-related drama, you know that I've been generally losing heart with playing 40K, and have been fairly listless about taking up any other direction because I don't know if I could get anyone to join me.

Well, last Tuesday I ended up missing the beginning of the weekly club meeting at the FLGS.  By the time I got there most of the people had gone, but the ones that were remaining said, "Hey, next week we're starting Necromunda."


I've got the starter box for Delaque gangers--I've had it for years.  For that matter, I've considered making a gang using the Wargames Factory Shock Troopers.  What I would really love to take a crack at if I was feeling exorbitant and ambitious is a Goliath gang using Chaos Marauders and Catachan Imperial Guard.

And terrain?  Oh yeah, I've been waffling for months now about building either gothic, fieldstone, or sci-fi terrain.  What's more, the sci-fi terrain could be re-used with 40K, MERCs, and just about anything else this side of Warmachine.  What I really want to avoid is the foamcore-sheet silhouette terrain that seems to be the staple for "ruined buildings."  My FLGS has several of those, and there's popular because they are interesting in terms of tactics, but you can do tactical buildings without having to look boring.  I was thinking I could try to build one terrain piece with a 8" by 8" footprint per month, and in a year I'd have 5 1/2 square feet of terrain.  Not a long on a 4' by 4' table, which has 16 square feet, but we'll see.

So, the spice must flow, as they say, and it is going strong.  The first step is to paint the Delaque gang.  I may try to get it all done by Tuesday, which means a speed paint job, but that's okay.  These days my speed painting looks almost as good as my slow painting.  Stay tuned.