The Tyranid Pile

So, long story short, a friend of mine sold me his Tyranid collection for a song.  And I mean a short, three-and-a-half minute pop tune.  Part of it was that he wanted to get the minis out of his condo where he and his family live, part of it was he knew my son would enjoy them since he's such a fan of Tyranids.  In any case, I got loads of them, as you can see from the above pic.  But that wasn't all of them.

I don't even know what's there, but I saw genestealers, hormagaunts, warriors, lictors, raveners, gargoyles, a carnifex, a biovore, a genestealer patriarch, and a hive tyrant.  And that's only part.  So now I've got another army to paint, probably in a pretty simple color scheme, and likely using the dip.  This might be my 2012 project in the offing here.