Thinking about 2012, part the first

Upset because Christmas is already getting too much attention?  I'm already onto 2012, my friends!

Actually, I'm just spending the holiday season thinking about what to do next.  If you read my RPG-related blog you know that I'm trolling about (no pun intended) for a new game, but I don't have super-high hopes on the project.  Oddly enough, 40K seems to be in a dry spell at the FLGS.  I've got more sci-fi terrain than I know what to do with now because of what my friend sold me dirt cheap a few months ago.  All of this leaves me a bit adrift in terms of a project, something that frankly I have been at for a while now, and it is getting me bummed out.  Any time I find myself watching a ton of television, I know I've hit a quagmire in my hobby pursuits.

So, big birthday coming up, new year upon us, and I'm ready to turn the page.  Here's what I'm thinking about these days:

Solo Wargaming  I've noodled this around before, but it might be fun way to get me painting/building again, and I could spend some time on my day off playing.  If I was really clever I might find a game I could play solo or with someone else (a sort of "hybrid" option) on the off chance someone could stop by to play a game.

All Things Zombie  A sort of corollary of the solo wargaming enterprise, I have a whole blog dedicated to this project but haven't done more than paint the odd survivor miniature.  I think Two Hour Wargames has some of the best options for solo rules out there, and it seems to me that it would be an easy game in terms of the number of miniatures necessary to play.

Hostile Realms  A dusted off this game recently.  I got it while back as an "alt Warhammer" possibility, and the rules heavily favor a solo option.  At the time, the game just didn't click for me, but on the second glance I am starting to understand the philosophy behind the game design.  Much like ATZ, Hostile Realms eschews the IGOUGO pattern for something more random (which helps with the solo usage).  I keep telling myself, though, that it would be okay to spend a couple of hundred dollars on two armies for a game no one plays.

Heroclix I wouldn't have seriously considered this until I saw a guy at Solo Nexus doing a whole solo campaign using them.  Then my FLGS is doing a fundraiser for the local homeless shelter and was auctioning off 500 Heroclix for a song.  I put down a bid and to date am the current high bidder.  If I'm not outbid by the end of the month, I may be building some clix-sized terrain in the next few months.

My Terrain Opus Magnus  Since I started building my own terrain using Hirst Arts I have dreamed of building the grand-scale project, the entire gaming table fully kitted out.  No golf courses or parking lots--a total city done in Hirst Arts.  It could easily take me more than a year and certainly more concentration and focus than I've ever show in any project, but it is something I've always wanted to do, and with less and less time out of the house, it might be the way to go.

Well anyways, Happy Thanksgiving and a blessed beginning to the Advent season. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Actually, there are those amongst your readers who do play Hostile Realms (not that it does you any immediate good, since so far as I know we're not particularly nearby, but at least you're not the only one looking at it).

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