That's Mr. Hutt to you

I seem to have a lot of side projects going on right now.  One of them is for a friend of mine who is building a model of Jabba's palace.  He asked if I could help with the detail work, namely painting up the figures in the diorama.  So, here's one of the first figures, the big man himself, Jabba the Hutt.

So, a bit of geek trivia.  Jabba's appearance actually changes between various iterations: The Return of the Jedi, the lousy CGI part they put back into Star Wars: a New Hope, the Phantom Menace, and all the other video games, comic books, etc. that are out there.  His appearance has actually changed quite a bit, making it a little hard to figure out exactly how to paint him.  But I decided to go with the original, green screen, no flying droids zipping around, yes-I-can-see-where-you-cut-the-film version.

And hey, two points to the painting goal.


  1. Awesome job! I have to ask though where is lil Salacious B. Crumb :)


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