AAR: 800 pts. Dwarfs vs. Orcs (WHFB)

My son had a day off from school today, so last night we started an 800 pt. game of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, 7th Edition.
Side note.  I haven't bought the new edition yet, and frankly am not in a hurry.  I know people who still play Third Edition WHFB and enjoy it.  Unless I start gaming at the local store, I may just save me the ~$100 and still have fun.
I played dwarfs while my son played orcs.  Here's a shot of the table.
Click for a larger pic

Kind of a big table for a small game, but I wanted to try out the new Zuzzy battlemat.  It looked great, but I discovered one small disadvantage: dice bounced all over the place!  I eventually put a tray down in which to roll the dice.
I told my son that orcs either won big or lost big, and this time they won big.  Lots of the good kind of Animosity to get him across the table in record time.  My cannon misfired on the first two turns, tying it up for three turns total.  He made loads of armor saves, etc.  Even my thane got crushed in one melee round by his Black Orc Boss.  All told him steam-rolled his way across the table and won handily by the top of turn six.
But two bits of silver lining.  One, it is always good to get the new generation excited about playing, especially with an impressive win.  Two, it serves as my mandatory wargame of the month.