The Argus, weathered

I kind of went back and forth about how to weather this guy.  In the midst of that I began to regret painting him bronze because it would be easier to paint him a solid color and then have the paint "flaking off" and exposing metal.  In the end I sort of took the easy way and just hit him with the wood varnish.  It didn't do a bad job, and in retrospect I like the way it created a more burnished look to the bronze color, and it gave a nice dark ring around the rivets.

In other news, I'm reading Boneshaker by Cherie Priest right now.  It's a great steampunk-meets-zombies novel.  I'll post a review once I'm done.


  1. It does look good. The varnish gave it a very nice finish.

  2. Boneshaker is a very good book indeed - enjoy!

    Oh and nice job on the mech ;)


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