Getting the Gaming Room under control

On the latest podcast of the D6 Generation Russ Wakelin mentions that it is easier to get painting done if you can just sit down, paint for twenty minutes, and then leave.  If, however, you have to spend time getting it all out and set up, then painting, you're less likely to do it.  This is patently true.

What's more, I've been inspired by some recent blog posts elsewhere of individuals who have been renovating space to become attractive game rooms in their home.  Right now, I do most of my painting, wargaming, and roleplaying gaming in my basement.  It's semi-finished, which is to say concrete block walls and floors.  There's a sink with a cabinet down there, and I put my large 4' by 8' table right in the center, which is where most stuff happens.  In addition there's a motley bunch of bookshelves, a file cabinet, and six chairs I bought from an estate sale a while back for a song.  Here's some shots of it from an earlier post.

So I've decided that one of the things I will be doing in 2012 is getting the room more attractive and better organized.  Thankfully there are two rooms off this basement, one of which holds my wife's things and holiday items, the other most of my miniatures, gaming terrain, and seven ancient boxes of comic books.  One of the first things I needed to do, however, was get some regular shelving in for gaming books, both RPG's and wargames.  Right now I'm using a bookshelf a neighbor threw out of her house to the curb, plus I have several boxes of books that are just lying about in the main room.

So yesterday I headed down to Home Depot and bought a Martha Stewart shelf for less than $50.  It looks like the cubbies I used to have in preschool.  They are not hard to assemble if you remember which is the side boards, the bottom and top boards, and the boards in the middle, all of which are different.  If you don't keep them straight, the shelf won't go together correctly.  So I now own two of them, and here's the result:

The little masking tape labels were for keeping the books organized by type for my daughter who was helping me take stuff out of boxes and old shelves and putting them away.  I could actually use a third shelf and will probably get one soon because there are still books on the "throwaway" shelf.  Once I have that emptied it will return to the curb.  More updates as I go along.


  1. Sounds like a great project. Having a nice, organized place to work is a great benefit. I like that Martha Stewart shelf a lot. I'm still using some plastic tubing shelf units from my garage, eventually I'd like to replace them with some of the cubby type shelves.


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